Fatal BUG in Spreadsheet -> Create List of Points

Morten Carlsen shared this problem 4 years ago

Hi Guys,

Love the app. However, it is unfortunately acting on its own and that about 50% of the time..

Try this on Mac OS X El Capitan with Latest Version of GG.

1) Open Spreadsheet view and 3D Graphics

2) Set Row 1[A...C] to 1,2,3

3) Set Row 2[A...C] to 4,5,6

4 Select the 3 numbers in row 1 and right-click and select create List of Points

5) Do that same for row 2

6) save the document and close out of GG

7) Launch the app again and reopen the saved document.

You will get two empty lists of numbers and an error saying

error in <expression>:label = list, exp = {A}

error in <expression>:label = list, exp = {B}


Image as in my case you had meticulously created a list of 200 points.

You can imagine that SUCH is a something that KILLs the day and makes any user look for a different Application to work with.

Thanks for Reading

-- Morten

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Sorry about that; this bug should be fixed in the next release. If you have the file with 200 points that you can't open, please upload it to the forum, it might be possible to rescue it.


Hi There,

thx for that update. About the file... I've recreated it already and got the numbers that I needed from the calculations.

So too late.

Thanks anyway for the offer. Much appreciate

-- Best Morten

PS - When is that update due ?


We do weekly releases, you can expect it on Friday/Saturday.

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