exported png-files behave strange

mey.wer@web.de shared this problem 11 years ago

(working with linux, opensuse11.2, gnome)

When i export a png from geogebra and put it in an openoffice-document, openoffice and the whole computer become very slow or freeze. „Normal“ pngs can be larger and more in an openoffice-socument without any problems.

Also opening a (small) geogebra-png in geeqie takes much longer than opening large „normal“ pngs (saved with gimp).

I really cannot use exported pngs from geogebra. And working always with screenshots doesn't seem to be the smartest solution.

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Hi ...

it not a typical Linux-Problem! At Suse 11.1 with KDE it is not Problem to save an insert an png from GeoGebra in OpenOffice.

Just as information for murkle :wink: ...we already discussed it at the germen forum.


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