Export to LaTeX a "one piece" bounded function (PSTricks)

Michel Iroir shared this idea 7 years ago

Hi, (or ciao :) ) with 5.0.77. By an example :

--> a nice export for the function f(x)=x^2 : no problem

--> an export working for f(x)=If[-1<=x<=1,x^2] but using peace functions/segments with many lines/segments (pixel by pixel ?) so using many codes and lines. (Maybe it is diffcult to find/translate the bounds or it is easier to translate like that all the commands using many pieces with many If[]).

--> a nice export for Integral[x^2,-1,1] where the bounds are read and the code is :


so maybe you could export a bounded function (at least for a "one piece" bounded function) to something like that :


if you can't export to :


Cheers. Michel

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Hi miir,

Some exports affected my little knowledge of latex and its dialects and can definitely be improved. Functions with if I thought redo a real expression parsing was overly complex in front of the design point by point (with the average file size that are used today, some k in most did not seem significant). I will try to study as much as you propose (made in google translator)



Hi, an easier workaround to export to LaTeX (PSTricks) the (graph of the) function : f=If[-1<=x<=1,x^2]

-> don't show f

-> create a=Integral[f,f,-1,1]

-> SetCaption[a, "y=f(x)"]

-> export to PSTricks

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