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Bine shared this question 6 years ago

I am using the English interface of Geogebra and produce Hebrew applets – so far it was always necessary to edit the html-files a little: the language-direction-tag should be only in sections containing text, but not in the table which contains the graph and not in sections containing formulas. Now I’ll have to upload the html files ugly as they are…

I am the editor of an educational internet site which has its own style rules. I need the graph of the applet without any text, since I want the text to appear in the style of my site. From now on, I’ll have to upload applets to GeogebraTube before I’ll be able to use them with an iframe. I’ll upload them without instructions (to avoid style inconsistencies on my site), which makes them less useful for others…. Many bloggers might do the same.

If people from now on are “forced” to upload html-files without being able to produce a few test-versions, finding good applets on Geogebra tube will become a task of finding the needle in a haystack.

Moreover, I am producing many applets which I upload to Moodle (not to my internet site). I don’t consider them being good and interesting enough for a large community. Very often they just serve a very special need in a particular class.

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I’ll upload them without instructions (to avoid style inconsistencies on my site)

You can always put the instructions on the teacher page (if you want).

Also you can use the new "Shared" (rather than "Public") option if you want them a little more hidden.

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