Export Graphics View as an Animated GIF

Quentin Hales shared this question 1 month ago

How do I export a graphics view with an animated slider as a gif? When I looked this question up on Google, all the results said to just go to file, then click Export Graphics View as GIF, but I don't see that option anywhere. The only option is to export is as an image.

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Please use the ExportImage command.

This syntax might be "the one" :)

ExportImage("filename", "image.gif", "type", "gif", "slider", a, "loop", true, "time", 200, "width", 400)

or maybe this one:

ExportImage("filename", "image.gif", "type", "gif", "view", -1, "rotate", 360°, "slider", a, "loop", true, "time", 200)


Some time its hard (or impossible) to find settings to slider to get the gif I want to have und control memory amount.

I often use LICEcap (github) to capture a screen area to gif

see example (Thumpnail image is anigif to)


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