Export Geogebra Scorm 1.2

bruno proust shared this question 4 years ago

How to export a geogebra tube resource into a scorm 1.2 file so that you can play it on moodle mobile?

thank you


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In the Details page of your resource, select Download, then accept the terms of ggb licence and select the SCORM package option.

The related tutorial is here: https://wiki.geogebra.org/e...

I'm sorry I'm not using SCORM format, so can't be more helpful than this.


If you download it directly from GeoGebra, it will work offline, but it will need several MB for each activity (which is something we cannot always afford in Moodle).

-One possibility is to insert the applet as iFrame.

-Another possibility is to do it through eXeLearning, inserting a GeoGebra "iDevice" and exporting as SCORM (v1.2 is available selecting advanced mode), which is also compatible with self-assessing activities that use a variable called SCORMRawScore for grading.

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