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I want to use the figure I drawn in Geogebra to latex document. When I export, I would like to specify the area of object to be contained in the pdf file. Is there any option?

At this moment, I have to reopen the pdf file using another image editor then crop the area of object to avoid the blank space. But i want it to do from geogebra. Let me know if there is any option for that


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If I remember correctly, this has been requested previously. I do not think it is possible. It is possible to crop by outlining the area you desire and ctrl-shift-C to copy the area and paste it into an editor or pdf creator such as Acrobat.


BTW if you know a programmer with this skill in Java, have them contact the developers.



it is also insteresting to know that for a latex document, the export in PsTricks, TikZ or Asymptote is much more powerful, because you have your figure inside your document, without extra file and you can easily modify it afterwards (colors, thickness, labels position ...).



Another method could be to crop you graphics view to have only what you want in the pdf file.

Not very satisfactory though.


... is much more powerful, because you have your figure inside
A big drawback is behind that! Each latex code per figure occupies at least (sometimes more and more!) 100 lines; so, for a latex document with 10 figures embedded, one thousand rows concern them and the whole .tex file is hardly readable.

What shown below (six lines/figure) is surely slimmer:

    \begin{figure}[t] % [ht] h=here, t=top


    \fbox{\includegraphics[scale=0.60]{name}} % .png preferable

    \caption{Title of figure}



As you surely know, Geogebra .png figures have excellent graphic renderings.


Totally agree, usually (always) the figures in pstricks exported (10 or more) and then take care pst2pdf (perl) to have a more readable code file and compile it with power or XeTeX LuaTeX, in linux (adn win 32 whit some modifications) create .ppm and png, jpg files whit good resolution and rendering fonts


whit pstricks the same problem (piece wice function? and *\) ... clean code manual, and work ok.

Generally, text and formulas I write out the imaging environment, it would be a good idea to reduce the amount of GeoGebra decimal (truncated) when exporting LaTeX format


Of course, complicated graphics like yours, I prefer to export only the picture (hiding the texts) and solve the problem of the Greek letters and symbols in unicode converting to TeX format , before hide the image and export the text, is mush easier to detect errors (remove annoying \ textbackslash, etc.) or enter them directly into the. tex created.

That if I clarify that I do not use PGF/TikZ almost never, I always preferred the power of pstricks packages and their friends, and the script pst2pdf exporters to the format you want.

Although GeoGebra allows you to export pictures in PNG / JPG / EPS / PDF ... ever are not the same quality if these were processed by LaTeX, to my taste, pdftoppm (poppler) and convert (ImageMagick) are the perfect solution, without losing the quality of the fonts, colors and so forth.

A few months ago (for personal) compile a vanilla version of GeoGebra, which complies with the vast majority of my requirements, but even with the problem of * and truncate decimal .. will wait to see if new versions of enhancing export to LaTeX and not LaTeX on screen.


Oppss, error, no export .pdf




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