exponential transformation

steve pomerantz shared this question 3 years ago

i would like to apply a single non-linear transformation to a set of points. For example (see attached) i have a set of points A,B,C... and i want to create a new set of points A',B',C'... where the x and y values of the new point are derived from the old points.

In particular (x,y) goes to ( e(x)cos(y) , e(x)sin(y) ).

( this is just the conformal map w=e(z) for complex numbers)

In the attached i defined each point one at a time. Is there a way to do this for a set of points ?

thank you

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create a list with A, B, C etc with list tool under angle tool

then zip(( e(x(MM)) cos(y(MM)) , e(x(MM)) sin(y(MM)),MM,listofpoints) )


can you clarify?

If A,B,C are defined already, what is the syntax required to create 3 new points A',B',C' ?


got it. Thank You Very Much !

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