Exam View Incorrectly Changes Red due to Use of Backspace Key

rob.brieler shared this problem 5 years ago

In Firefox 53.0 on Windows 10, my students are getting the visual alert for leaving the screen if they use the backspace key too many times. Is it possible to alert the student before they hit backspace the last time?

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Hi, could you please let us know how exactly does that happen? Was it while using the editor?


Sorry for the delay before responding. I tried to observe my students more closely. I can identify some of the problems. It is not what I originally thought.

1) In IE11, after clicking start exam, there is a warning window at the bottom of the screen about the browser going full screen. Clicking allow once will cause the header to change to red before the student starts working.

2) There is still some issue with Firefox on Win 7 that I cannot pin down.

3) Relating to the original post, on Windows 7 in both IE and Firefox, if a student enters a valid expression in the first expression box, and then deletes it and presses enter, an alert appears. If the student then hits backspace again, the browser will automatically leave the exam view and geogebra. It does not turn red when the student returns to the exam calculator.

Sorry I can't pin down the exact error, but please let me know if I can be of help going forward.

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