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Els Coussement shared this problem 3 years ago


I want to allow my students for the first time to use an app of GeoGebra during an exam. In Flanders it will be a great step. But, the exam mode doesn't work for one of my students. She tried it for the Graphic Calculator app of GeoGebra (version 6.0.560.0) on her smartphone. The brand of her smartphone is MEIZU. This smartphone is made in China. She pretend that you can't buy it in Europe. The operating system on her smartphone is Android 5.1.

When she want to start the exam mode, the app asks to switch off wifi and bluetooth and to switch on the flight mode. She carries this out. Everything runs normally up to here. But then, the screen doesn't become green, it stays blue. She can go out of the app without having a red screen. When she click again on 'Exam mode' in the menu, nothing happens. The exam mode doesn't start. There is also no closing screen.

My student thinks that the brand of her smartphone is the cause of this problem. In my opinion that should not be allowed. I thought GeoGebra wanted to conquer the Chinese market.

What is the technical cause? Is there a simple solution for my student?


Els Coussement

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If it's just one particular brand of phone then there's probably nothing we can do (we can't control what changes each manufacturer does to each phone, and each software version).


I have seen this exact issue with my students, but this time with iPhone's (both 7 and 8). So it seems the issue is either not fully brand specific, or else the issue affects a brand on which it needs to work, based on the iPhone market share.

It does work on many of my students iPhones, which is what baffles me. Alas, I do not have an iPhone myself so I cannot do much testing of this issue myself.

Edit: Students are permitted to use the app in two sections, totaling 55 students (some of which use physical calculators rather than the app). Four have not been able to enter exam mode, all with iPhones. I have checked their phone (and tried myself to get their exam mode to start, confirming that airplane mode is on).


Please post more details

* version of GeoGebra

* version of iOS

* what you did

* what happened

* what you expected

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