Error on wrong data type input

DOS autori shared this question 3 years ago


I was wondering, is there a way to prevent wrong data type input?

When I have numeric type of data and user input text, it acts differently - in one applet it starts slider, in another it change the whole field into function field and then the field stays that way after generating new task, in third it returns error message....

I suppose the problem with this is in applets where it changes the input field type and than user cannot use that applet anymore until he reload the whole page.

For example, in this applet:

When user inputs a letter instead of number in one field it cannot be changed into correct answer anymore.

Any ideas on how to fix this or it's just the way GeoGebra works?

Best regards!

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in the attachment a sample of an possibility.


Thank you for your idea! I had in mind that way of input but hoped there is a way to work with numbers and not "cheating" with text :-)

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