Error message on some users of Dynamic Worksheet

alexander.wilson shared this question 6 years ago

Some of my students had a message appear in a black floating box at the bottom of the window on a Dynamic Worksheet that I'd assigned via the Google Classroom share option. It did not seem to impact their ability to answer the text questions I'd given, manipulate the Geogebra applets included etc., nor to 'Turn In' the assignment to Google Classroom at the end.

The message was:

Mysqli statement execute error : Column 'token' cannot be null

Does this suggest that there was an error in some of the Geogebra script that I attached to one of the objects in one of the embedded applets? Or is it a known Geogebra thing? FWIW none of my variables or objects were named 'token'.

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Hello Alexander,

I have the same issue. --> see unable-to-upload-error-mysqli-statement-execute-error-column-width-cannot-be-null which is addressed to Materials Support Team mentioned there.

Best regards


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