Equations (and sometimes graphs) disappear

DashingDave shared this problem 3 years ago

I've been working with the 3D grapher this morning, and I've noticed that the equations (in the algebra view) sometimes vanish. This is a screenshot of an instance when I typed in something Geogebra didn't like:


The application obviously still knows what equations I entered, as the graph remains, but I can"t get the algebra view to return the equations themselves. Tried saving, quitting, and reopening, to no effect.

A couple other buggy issues have also occurred. There have been times when I've deleted one equation, and the entire graph goes blank. I quit and just started over at that time, since I figured I'd just done something wonky, but it would appear something's amiss with the graphing utility as a whole.

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Sorry, we won't be able to help unless you can provide clearer steps to reproduce the problem reliably


it seems that your x^2 and x are auxiliary objects. try again after restore settings

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