Enable true math symbols rendering in Geogebra 2D/3D and CAS

julesmanson shared this idea 5 years ago

I think the next logical step in the evolution of Geogebra is to add true mathematical symbols rendering. This enables input via precise mathematical symbols like it is done on paper or shown in textbooks instead of the computer contrived functions created to mimick this. This is especially ideal for output where graphs would display a precisely rendered mathematical representation of a function line or curve. There are several popular options in Javascript which should still work because Geogebra is Javascript enabled.

The original is called LaTeX. Khan Academy created an alternate called KaTeX which it claims to be faster. And then there is MathJax which is a superset of LATEX and MathML? Not sure how that one works but it is worth a look.

Here is a demo site which compares KaTeX to MathJax.

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GeoGebra already allows using LaTeX in text, formulas and labels of many objects.

The Text dialog window has a checkbox to activate LaTeX, and if you want to use LaTeX for labeling objects, just enter the desired label enclosed in $ signs in the Caption box of the object.


Thank you. I didn't know because I am new to Geogebra and I guess my excitement over it got me jumping the gun.

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