Enable LaTeX input in CAS, in GeoGebra Classic 5

Constantinos shared this question 2 years ago


Could you please enable pasting LaTeX expressions into the CAS module of GeoGebra Classic 5?

I am aware that this has already implemented in v6 and in the web version.

GeoGebra 5 is in my opinion more flexible and customizable than version 6 and I find it much easier to use. I hope you keep supporting it; moving the windows around and having a text menu makes things so much easier.

Thank you

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Sorry, we're focusing resources now on the new CAS app, not the old ones https://www.geogebra.org/cas


Look, I understand that but on the other hand if one looks at the changelog (https://wiki.geogebra.org/e...), it contradicts what you say: it says that changes are applied first on the web version and the classic v5 version. It also shows ongoing and numerous fixes for version 5.

Anyway, as an advice with the best intentions, so don't get me wrong, maybe there are some of the project developers or volunteers/contributors who still love and appreciate v5, so I would appreciate it If you could pass on this request as something to do on a voluntary basis.

As a more long-term advice (that I am sure has crossed your mind so apologies for possibly repeating something already considered), there should be a single classic version with the option to alternate between 2 different GUIs with the click of a button and perhaps a restart, if needed), unless the 2 GUIs are enormously incompatible.


Sorry, that's not how we work - we have literally thousands of such requests

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