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Nick Chura shared this question 5 years ago
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I am embedding GeoGebra applets in an html page, and recently something has changed with Pan and Zoom.

I'm storing a GeoGebra file on GeoGebratube, selecting "Share", and using the embed code given there after turning off the Pan and Zoom option (it removes the sdz/true from the end of the URL).

Example: https://www.geogebra.org/ma...

Previously when I've done this, the graph didn't allow users to "click and drag" the plane, or scroll to zoom in/out. Now, for some reason, those graphs do allow those things -- and I've checked that sdz/true is still turned off.

Has something happened on the back end at GeoGebra which caused this change?

Thank you.

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I have noticed this same thing...


This happens because the parameter is not in the URL. In that case it takes the setting from the Advanced settings of the applet in the worksheet. So you can either add this to the URL: /sdz/false or you can change the applet settings of the worksheet.

Actually, this is a bug in the dialog that generates the embed code. When the checkbox is unchecked, it should rather set the URL parameter to false instead of removing it from the URL. We will fix this.


I don't know if it relates to the same problem, but since a month or so the images I get on the screen after embedding (html or Moodle) are non as clear as the used to be, they appear fuzzier.

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