Embed Geogebra Graphics as OLE Object in MS Word

Marco Rainaldi shared this question 1 year ago

Is it possible to have a ggb file act as an OLE object in MS Word? Like MathType or Graph (https://www.padowan.dk/) I usually have to copy and paste the graphics into Word, and if I want to change it I have to go back to the ggb file I've saved to edit it. It would be nice to embed the file in the document and be able to edit it like one does a MathType Equation. It would be an outstanding feature to have for an already awesome product!

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Go to "Office Add-ins" and search for the GeoGebra App


it does not work

office 2016

GeoGebra Classic 5.0.510.0-d (Java 1.8.0_161-32bit, 247MB. Inicializando CAS) 08 November 2018

windows 7



I've tried GeoGebra Tube, but it really doesn't do what I'm describing. The GeoGebra Tube does not insert a graphic, just a link to a GeoGebra Tube object.

(1) I can't create my own new content to insert into the MS Word Document as a new GGB file

(2) The link that's inserted by GeoGebra Tube is a link that doesn't act like an image in MS Word.

If you download the Graph I linked to above, you will see that GeoGebra Tube and Graph act very differently in Word. If the graphics view was what was displayed in Word and the GGB file was embedded in Word so that I wouldn't have two different files to open that would be great. It would be nice to double click on the graphic in Word which would then open GeoGebra to edit the file, and upon closing, update the graphics image in Word.

That's my best description of what I'd like to be able to do in Word with GeoGebra.

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