Eclipse setup for Geogebra not according to plan

Paul King shared this problem 5 years ago

I have been configuring Eclipse for use with Geogebra so that I can create applets that run on a web page. I have rarely used Eclipse.

I am following instructions on the page to set up Eclipse.

For the most part, the configuration seems to work out well, up to step 6, where the instructions don't quite match what I see on my window:

File -> Import -> Gradle -> Gradle project

  • My window has a "File" menu, but "Import" has "Import ..." instead, which makes me wonder if I am in the right place. At any rate, "Import ..." leads me to a separate dialog, which contains Gradle as a selection, but its subselection has "Existing Gradle Project", instead of "Gradle Project"
  • I guess the real question here is, what was the starting window of these commands? I assumed it was the main Eclipse application.
  • Select the "geogebra" folder from the workspace (i. e., enter something like C:\workspace\geogebra for Root folder).
  • I need to click "Next" to get to a place where I can enter a directory name. It is where it requests a "Project Root Directory.", so I enter "C:\Users\...\eclipse-workspace\geogebra". The name of this window says "import gradle project".
  • Click on "Build model". 
  • There is no button that says "Build model" in this window. There is an active "Finish" button on the bottom, but it is unresponsive.

I am running Windows 7 and have the latest download of Eclipse Java.


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I have a same problem. Windows 10. Eclipse 12/2020. I do not find a "Build model" Where do I find that step?


Are the steps that are missing to do with gradle? Or is it with a version of eclipse? If anyone can fill in the the missing instructions, that would be great Or even point to a url with its solution?

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