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Frustrated. Here's what the manual claims:

The text you type directly in the Edit field is considered as static, i.e. it's not affected by the objects modifications. If you need to create a dynamic text, which displays the changing values of an object, select the related object from the Objects drop-down list (GeoGebra Desktop Version) or the tab 18px-GeoGebra_48 in the Advanced menu (GeoGebra Web and Tablet Apps). The corresponding name is shown, enclosed in a grey box, in the Edit field. In the GeoGebra Desktop Version, right-clicking on the grey box allows you to select, if "Definition" or "Value" of the dynamic object is displayed.

Well, I opened a text box. I got the 'advanced' menu. I get a list of objects. But I cannot select any object. I can't right- or left-click. The text box is totally frozen and unresponsive. I can click on the list to the left of objects, but then this does not seem to communicate with the text box I've opened.

ALL I want to do is show the results of a computation in the text box, and how that result changes as I move a certain point. It should be easy. Instead, it's frustrating.

Can anyone help? I'm using Geogebra Classic. I don't

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Are you looking for this?

1. Define a point with tool.

2. In the input box enter: text = "A="+Text(A, true)

See file attached.

Files: txt.ggb

My apologies, but I cannot understand anything at all in this message.

1. Define a point with tool. I defined a point A. But what has that to do with a text box? There's no input box for a point.

2. Okay, maybe you meant that I shoudl open a text box. I did that. And am back where I started. I cannot enter anything dynamic.

3. I copied exactly what you wrote above. WIth no effect at all. I just get a copy of the characters in the message you sent. I don't understand how what you wrote in (2) helps at all.

4. And I could not open the file you sent. I downloaded it to my local drive

, but geogebra will not open it. The file system seems to be very unreliable.


No worries. I think the problem is with your version of GGB. As @mathmagic mentioned, could you re-install ggb?



the file open OK

I think you must reinstall your version of GG

I can do a video for text in GG but I need to know what version (5 or 6)


Does it work here in Chrome? https://www.geogebra.org/classic

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