Duplicate, rename, edit Geogebra graphs without overwriting the original

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How do you Save a copy of a Geogebra graph with a different name and still retain a copy of the graph with its original name?

I've noticed that after using the Geogebra app to create a graph, clicking Save causes it to be saved in a cloud location and clicking Open shows that location to also contain multiple other graphs/objects created by other people.

Is there a way to Save a Geogebra graph locally (ie as a file in a folder on your hard drive)? In other words, can it be saved as a file you can rename or duplicate, etc, in Windows Explorer?

Many other applications have a Save As... option which enables you to make changes to a file and then save it with a new file name without overwriting the original. However, I do not see that option in Geogebra.

I'm certainly not opposed to having graphs saved online, but I'm just confused regarding how to best manage files when using Geogebra.


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Use Download as.. then select ggb from the list of available formats.

You will be prompted to save your file locally, and may choose the destination path.

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