Double click on ggb files opens empty Geogebra window

Igal.Sapir shared this question 2 years ago
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Double click on ggb files opens empty Geogebra window.

Drag and Drop of ggb files into Geogebra works as well as File->Open.

Installed version 5.0.574.

Please help me make the double click work.

Thank you, Igal.

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Difficulty in getting Mac (Big Sur) to recognise .ggb files as something it can open. Doubke click doesn't work. Right click and try to find an app (i.e. GeoGebra Geometry say) finds all GeoGebra apps greyed out.

You can within Mac force the issue and link GeoGebra apps to .ggb files and double click then works but opens an empty file!

The only way of opening a .ggb file on a Mac currently AFAIK is by having a GeoGebra app running and then open via the menu. Not a huge deal but infortunate. Any app ought to be able to open its own files by double click or at least right click and select app to open.

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