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mulliss shared this question 5 months ago

I have a system of plane Equations (I had to convert from Vectors into Cartesian, as GeogeBra doesn't seem to cope with Vectors), & I would like to restrict them so that they only show for x,y,z>0.

I have tried for some time, & the 'help' button is not very helpful.

Please would you be able to let me know how I can do this?

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>GeogeBra doesn't seem to cope with Vectors

What did you try to type in? In general either Surface as suggested by Noel or If command should do the trick. e.g.

If(x > 0 ∧ y > 0 ∧ 10 - 2x - 3y > 0, 10 - 2x - 3y)

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