When I press a point it doesn't show coordinates?

christycheungxx shared this question 7 years ago

Hi, I drew a segment on my graph and the end points of the segments lie on another graph. The points turned a lighter shade of blue. When I double-clicked on the end points, the Re-define window pops up and instead of the regular coordinates, I see Point[c] and Point[d] is shown in the respective end points. How do I see the coordinates to these points?

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double clicking on a point (or any object) shows how it was defined, not it's value. You can select the option to show the coordinates of a point in the properties of the point. Rightclick on it and select in tab basic Show label (option value or option name and value). The values of points are also shown in the algebra view, regardless how points and its labels are shown or not.



Thank you so much! This helped me.

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