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BSS_Math shared this question 4 years ago

I am creating an app to help students check their answers for graphing transformations of sine and cosine functions. I have created this file which accepts transformation input, graphs the function, and graphs points that students would get using transformation maps. However, I would like to know if it is possible to have the list output exact values rather than rounded ones.

Thank you for any help given.

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you have 2 possibilities:

use the menu/option/rounding for a general rounding rule


use for a specific text-obect (text2, text3, text4) the propertie "text/rounding"


To get the exact values you should define your lists in CAS.But CAS is available only in Classic version, till the new Graphing Calculator+CAS will be released.

There's a problem with trasformations, though, because the list of transformed points, despite written as multiple of pi, is sometimes not very intuitive :smile: and probably should be adjusted in a form that is more intuitive for students.

As an example, try copying and pasting in CAs View the definitions of your lists L1 and L2.


I tried copying and pasting the code for my lists in CA view. The base points turned out fine but the x-coordinates of the transformed x-coordinates turned up as awkward fractions. I believe this is what you meant by your comment above.

I am co-teaching with a colleague who likes to use transformation maps for sinusoidal functions. I honestly prefer just finding out where the base origin point gets transformed to and then know how to find the other locations of the other points from this initial point.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem I can make CA's view into a text variable that changes and use this as output for the program unless I'm missing something. Will wait for the new version of Geogebra.

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