Display discontinuous point and open/close intervals

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I'm trying to make a class about limits, I want to display a sectioned function and also display its intervals and holes, like this image.


I find two problems with this:

  1. GeoGebra doesn't do this, so I have to create each point manually.
  2. The point doesn't match the border color with the line color, the border color is always black and when I choose the point style it has no background color. This can be a problem, this lead to confusion for some of my students, because the point style doesn"t match with Khan Academy (yes, my student can easily get confused).

Is there a command that do this?

How I can change the border color of a point?

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You need to set the opacity of the function graph to 100%.

If you select the last option for the point style (full point) it won't have a black border.

See the attached file. Point A and B have the same x-coordinate.

Point A is defined manually, point B is defined using the function.

GeoGebra doesn't show these discontinuity points automatically. The only command available is for removable discontinuities: https://wiki.geogebra.org/e...


Oops. I forgot a thing. If you drag the function definition from Algebra View to Graphics View, GeoGebra creates automatically a nice LaTeX text containing the function equation, like the one in the pic you posted.


Thanks for your reply, I already made this, I didn't upload the screenshot because it was corrupted, but that I want is a point, with border with color and white as background color, like my image, because I want that point look like points in books and khan academy examples. (probably my question was not clear because I'm not good in English)

I want that the point as if it were part of the graph

I think, I will make another post, but more specific to "custom points" ab98e017ab8aa4e857ae9e36f43719e9

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