Disaster! Please can someone check my resources!

kathrynp shared this question 8 years ago

Not such an emergency this time! (But I want to use it on Wednesday, with colleagues who are new to GeoGebra, and hopefully demonstrating on a Smartboard as well.) Different worksheet - Undo/Redo buttons missing on html5 and Java versions, toolbar missing on Java. Also, customised toolbar does not appear on GGbTube. The file is an old file, but has been edited in v4.4.36.


Chrome and IE 11

Win 8


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Sorry, your file seems to have lost its toolbar. Please try attached (you'll have to redo the custom toolbar)

Example showing they really do work :)




Hi Murkle,

I'm not too worried about customising the toolbar - it's the undo/redo buttons that I can't get to show on GeoGebraTube. They are missing from previous files too, I see eg http://www.geogebratube.org.... And on the link you gave me.

They are actually there in shadow, while the file is opening, but disappear when it opens. Could it be a problem with my laptop? Might try clearing the cache etc, if I can work out how to on Win 8!

(Plus - same problem with log-in as others, when using 'Materials' tab on website - can the link address be corrected? I can log-in OK with the other link, or through exporting a file!)

Feeling incompetent! :flushed:


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