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I am dealing with change of basis and KO transformation. To show to witch base a variable belongs to I use greek characters eg: vector v in base e ==> εv oder matrix A in Base K ==> κAκ.

This makes some problems in ggb6. ggb5 recognize εv as vector, ggb6 as point. CAS definition show a indifferent handling - I added Vector-Command to force vector definition, but without effect:


The app break down in ggb6 - I think there is a problem with the Tranlslate-Command (interpret vector/point), too?


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in Agebra View or CAS Updateing ke_1 ===> generate ke_{1} ===> ke_1=?, ke_2=?

in Agebra View or CAS Updateing ke_2 ===> generate ke_{2} ===> ke_1=?, ke_2=?

BTW: Win 6.0518

Algebra Panel do not follow changings to App-Window height

+ inc height blanc white rectangle below Algebra Panel

- dec height can not scroll to input line


ggb5 recognize εv as vector, ggb6 as point.

Thanks, fixed for next release!


Ah, thanks,

but what about different Index-handling to variables ke_1, ke_{1}?

Why ke_1, ke_2, kb have no reference (?) in algebra view (definition term ist ok)?

in ggb5 it works fine...

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