Diferença entre a versão 5 e 6 do GeoGebra

Elizabeth Rosendo shared this question 2 years ago

Além da interface gráfica quais são as principais diferença entre as versões 5 e 6 do GeoGebra?

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Where some people like the possibility of GG5 to have dialogs, construction protocoln settings or even views in seperate screens to work in. The focus is on offline working so Save means saving on your computer.On the other hand the mathematical interface in GG6 is more advanced. Results of calculations are not shown as decimals or weird fraction, but can be displayed exactly or as decimals. The inputfield is standard in the algebra view and is more intelligent. While typing a function the more button offers you the possibility to show special points. It offers the same logic of the online versions and apps; standard is working online and savind on your computer can as 'downloading' the file. This means it doesn't matter which device you're using what's very practical. If you're used to GG5 it's a shift, but certainly in working with students the shift to GG6 is worthwhile.

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