deleted lines reappear when deleting while using a menu function

Stefan shared this problem 3 years ago
Not a Problem

Hi, don't know if this is a bug, or where I might report this.

Enter some information in the graph sheet, anything will do, I entered some points.

Use any menu item that is not finished in a single click (ex. circle with peripheral point, polygon, ..)

Do the first click to start (eg. click the circle center, or click to define the first polygon point)

Now, do not do the second click!

Instead, right click to delete all your lines in the algebra field.

Then choose "move cursor" from the leftmost menu button.

As soon as you do that last step, all the deleted lines will re-appear.

Geogebra will even accept to have things entered (eg. you can click into an algebra field and change a point) but will restore to the previous value on choosing move cursor.

As this is very difficult to show in a saved file, I could make a video on request. Note that you need to use the menu instead of directly entering circle() or such.

My geogebra version is 6.0.542.0-win

My windows version is 10.0.17763.737

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Thanks, please can you make a video?


Here you go. I created three points. I start a polygon but do not finish it, delete the three points while in polygon mode.

This creates D. Check that selecting the points for deletion selects them for polygon corners even after deletion.

As soon as I click on the cursor button (really only the menu button which probably calls some "exit polygon mode") in the menu, all three original points reappear although I deleted them.

Of course, you should always finish or abort an action like making a polygon, but I thought the behaviour was funny enough to mention it.


Seems the first comment did not upload the video I attached? I am sorry but I keep getting an upload error message from the forum software saying that it cannot find "temp/ some alphanumeric code".

The video is only 1,4 MB so it should upload fine? It fills the progress bar before I click comment just fine.


Thanks, I think the solution is just to not do:

I start a polygon but do not finish it, delete the three points while in polygon mode.


Yes, as I stated one should abort the item when doing something else, but this may not be obvious to everybody (including me at first).

Any function like polygon ( ex. circle and peripheral, three point circle, etc.) will do this, and any modification (changing a point, making a new point, deleting a point, creating a vector,etc.) done while in that mode will vanish once you do this.

In case of a change of some value in a function this may not be immediately obvious at all. I think personally geogebra should not accept such input while in a mode like that, but that is just me.

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