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lawrence shared this question 6 years ago
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need to delete trace or graph and reset (empty the list1) the list1 to zero. Is there any command for button to allow generating new set of graphs with new slider values. please help thanks

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Here's a work-around. Change the trace colour to white (or whatever your background colour is) and enlarge the size of the point. Then animate. The new trace will write over the old trace, and effectively erase it.


ZoomIn( 1 ) deletes traces



Just an idea.

Have a look at the attached file. My first idea was to create an empty list list2, then use a script like

SetValue(list1,list2), but apparently SetValue command doesn't apply to lists :smile:

Since it's not clear to me what you want to get (traces in GeoGebra are something different: see - this is the reason of previous answers), I've created the button that you see in Graphics View, that resets the value of a and allows you to define a new one, thus generating a new set of lines.

Hope it can be helpful. Right click on the button to see the script.

You can do something similar to redefine the max and min values of your slider.


(Also please note that it's not necessary to use the CAS View to define your objects. They can happily exist even just in Algebra View)


In 3D View only ZoomIn(-4.5,-4.5,-4.5,4.5,4.5,4.5) deletes traces !!!


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