Default Label of an Angle

Alex shared this question 1 year ago

Can we change the default settings so that the angle tool shows the value of an angle only, instead of both the name and value?


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Variant 1

If no objects are selected and a tool (angle) is active/selected then you can set in the style-bar of tools and objects the (label-)setting.

This setting is default until you change this with the same procedure above.

The default value set in this way is retained even after the Save/Restore.

(tested with ggb 5.0.570 und ggb 6.0.570 WEB)


Variant 2

With JS you can create in Global-JS a function for an add-listener.

Whenever a new object is created you can use this function to change the properties of the new object.

Attached a sample (tested with ggb 5.0.570)

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