Default export filename is not sane.

Vdragon shared this problem 5 years ago

I saved a GeoGebra file as "第 1.1 章第 2 例題 - 一個有單一解的線性系統.ggb" then when I tried to export the file as PNG picture I get a "第 1.png" filename recommendation in the save dialog instead of "第 1.1 章第 2 例題 - 一個有單一解的線性系統.png".

I believe there is flaw behind the filename generation logic in GeoGebra, will try to reproduce the issue in latest version.

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thanks, this bug is fixed in development version, the fix will be published in 5.0.47.

(you should install GeoGebra 5.0, it receives the minor updates automatically in Windows, on Mac and Linux the iTunes store / package repostory take care of this).



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