Default directory for opening and saving files

Guido shared this idea 15 years ago

The first time a file is opened/saved on disk, Geogebra uses the \My Documents folder as default. This is annoying if you keep your files in a different folder.

The option to return to the last used folder or to set a default folder would be welcome.


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You can change the target of Windows' "My Documents" folder by right clicking on it and changing the target. This will be convenient for you in many situations.

However, I agree that GeoGebra should remember the last directory used.

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I finally located some of my "lost files" in windows 10 VirtualStore . It is a hidden file structure: "...AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files"

VirtualStore is long story and is told here:

And yes, a file directory needs to be specified.

Hopes this helps.

Paul Booth

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