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transcendentalwork shared this question 8 years ago

Hi, I'm noticing discrepancies in the measurements of the side length of my regular polygons.

When rounding is set to 15 decimal places it becomes apparent.

See the attached file for reference. Notice how one side is not "...1337" ;-)

Is this a limitation of GeoGebra, or is there a way to increase the accuracy?


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Is this a limitation of GeoGebra

Yes, GeoGebra works to a (maximum) of 15 significant digits (but then you get rounding errors as you've discovered).

You can do exact calculations in the CAS View, but that won't help for your application I think


Thanks for confirming that. I just looked up what CAS View is... still new to this. But I didn't see anything while glancing over that documentation that indicated it would help.

So if I am understanding you correctly, GeoGebra makes for a good straight edge + compass tool, but not a perfect one.

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