Dear GeogGebra. Don't make the same mistake Excel did

GeoSwan shared this question 2 years ago

Hello, I just wanted to step by and say that I really like Geogebra as a tool, both for measuring, calculating and animating. However, I'm worried that it might make the same mistake as Excel did going from their pre-2003 to their later versions.

What I've noticed is that a lot of these useful softwares we know from earlier will have impressive computation speeds and update rates in their earlier versions and then after some point their software takes a sharp negative turn toward less computational efficiency and slow laggy interface.

Some of it is probably due to adding extra features that drag down the overall performance, but often users want the optimal performance instead of the seldom used new exotic features.

I see that GGB5 is the fastest and most efficient app you have. Your later versions have great features but lack the smoothness and the feeling of power to them. I suggest that you either try to make an even faster version than GGB 5 in the coming years, or somehow figure a way to launch a more powerful and Optimized version of the pre-existing v.5.

Cause I'm afraid the future looks laggy and sad.

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