Dear Devellopers .... (some comments about GeoGebra 6)

Birgit Lachner shared this idea 6 years ago

Dear Devellopers .... you are all doing a great work. No one (here in the forum) would blame you doing a bad job. But there are a lot of issues concerning GeoGebra 6 because some of the experienced user are missing an feature, that is important for them.

I understand and know why you want to change to an HTML5-Version but GeoGebra 6 does not have all the features of GeoGebra 5. And that causes some trouble here in the forum. So, I ask myself why GeoGebra 6 is promoted as the actual GeoGebra Version. For me the new and officially promoted version needs to be the most complete, with some new features and of cause all of the old features.

Of cause, new users would not miss features they don't know. And of cause you need testers for a new version. But in my opinion, and there are many experienced users who have the same opinion, There should be both Version of GeoGebra be offcially available from download-page. Of cause, the "old" version GeoGebra 5 is still available, but you need to search for it a bit.

If you offer both version on the main download-page the users can decide if they want the brand new version with some cool new features and a fresh and universal surface (for all kind of devices) that will be usual in the future or if they need the full amount of GeoGebra-Power ( on their desktop-PC) that isn't any more developed and may be causes some problems with Java.

But in the moment, the situation is not very satisfying. ...

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  1. If you offer both version on the main download-page the users can decide if they want the brand new version.......

I am not developer.

Only I want note that now there is in download page a "GeoGebra Classic" link for lovers of GG5 . I love it.

there is a "more GG downloads" also



Okay ... that's a good idea ... may be it should be pointed out that the numbers are different (GGB 5 vs GGB 6)


We would like to hide the version numbers a bit because they are not relevant for most users. If we add new command in GeoGebra 6.0.X it will be also available in 5.0.X so these versions are compatible with respect to constructions they can open.

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