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Alguém sabe como declarar uma função vetorial no geogebra? https://www.youtube.com/wat... como o usuário deste vídeo faz em 2:41

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What you see is just a text that shows what's happening in the background, that is not just the result of one input.

I think that the author of the video created:

- blue points: entering the command Sequence((a, 2a), a, -3, 3)

- red segment: connecting some of the points generated by the Sequence command, using the Segment tool.

- a slider t in [-3,3] with Animation set as Increasing(once),

- a point (t, 2t) for which he activated the trace

By activating the animation of the slider, you get the drawing of the function.


You can also use Curve command to get the graph of the function not as just a trace (that might be automatically deleted when zooming in your Graphic View), but as a solid line:

Curve(a, 2a, a, -3, t)

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