Customise toolbar on Geogebra Notes activity?

pirsquared shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Hi all,

Firstly, great work on the Notes app and the ability to use these as "remote whiteboards" in a Geogebra Classroom - this has proven exceptionally useful during remote learning.

I wonder if there'll be the possibility in the future to customise the toolbar for Notes in an activity/class? For instance, at the moment I can have the Toolbar switched off, in which case students have access only to a black pen - no other colours, no eraser, not even the Undo button - or I can have it switched on, which gives them access to these but also every single other option, which can be daunting.

I know that students on a device with a mouse can right-click to erase, but on a touchscreen device this does not seem to be possible unless anyone can correct me on this?

It would be great if either there could be just a "basic" toolbar option - ink colours, eraser, maybe Select Objects - or the ability to strip away any toolbar options we don't require for that activity.

Thanks for reading.

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Thank you for the suggestions!

I've looped this post to the UX Team

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