Custom Tool - can't open

Сава Максимовић shared this problem 3 years ago

I'm using geogebra classic web app.

When I open ggb. file and then (in the same app window) open ggt. file, I get blank drawing surface and nothing happened (just sometimes it writes "loading ..." in the bottom of the drawing surface).

The tool is on the link

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While I was waiting for moderation of this topic, I realized that problem was in making .ggt file using the web app. (which is a new bug for the web app).

When I made .ggt file in the desktop app (GeoGebra classic 5) and upload him on GeoGebra cloud, I was able to open the tool in an activity, but another bug raised. After opening a tool in an activity, it closes running activity and opens a new one with the tool loaded.

I want to conclude with "Everything from topic works correctly in Geogebra classic 5" and "two new bugs in GeoGebra classic web app are raised"

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