Curve to Equation to Polynomial and back

joelsjogren shared this question 1 year ago

Let us say we create a conic c by the 5 point construction built into GeoGebra. We then want to get the polynomial p such that c is defined by p = 0. How to do this?

The purpose might be to do some Gröbner basis computation involving p. Suppose the result of this computation is a polynomial q. How does one plot the curve d determined by the equation q = 0?

Can these things be done in a way that updates d automatically when the control points for c are dragged around?

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let c conic then a(x, y) = LeftSide(c) - RightSide(c)

a(x,y)=0 is c newly

you can get also Coefficients( <Conic> ) for another expresions like A33 for eigenvalues

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