Cursor is not being read correctly

Amanda Brooker shared this problem 1 year ago

My mouse is working perfectly elsewhere, but in Geogebra, when I click on an object, the new point appears about a centimetre off where I clicked. I have tried rebooting my computer, but no joy.

Help please!!

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I'm not seeing this behaviour here.

Which app are you using, which is its version, and your OS?

The only possibility that comes to my mind about this behaviour is if you have set your points to snap/fix to the grid.

Please check in your worksheet. Click anywhere in the Graphics View and open its Style bar (or right click and select Graphics...).

Version 5 displays this.456fc4d3e7513879d14aa502ea057603

Click the icon with a magnet, then set Automatic in the displayed context menu.

Try placing a point in the Graphics View again.

Does it work?

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