Curious tags

Simona Riva shared this question 9 years ago
Needs Answer

Hi Stefan,

today I uploaded some of my files here

then I realized that a tag I wanted to include was missing.

At first I tried with the Tag option, pressed the + sign, then added the tag, but it seemed that the new tag was not saved.

So I opened the files with the Modify option, and realized that the new tag I added to one file (the tag history) had overwritten the first tag in the list for each file of the collection, that it's the most important, because it's the name of the curve of the construction in my language.

I'm now patiently removing this "history" tag from all my files, and replacing it with the old tag, but I think that you will agree with me that this is somewhat a strange behaviour... :smiley_cat:

(Moreover the tag "history", that I deleted, appears twice in the main page for each file)



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