Ctrl+Click doesn't select multiple objects in Algebra view

David Hall shared this question 5 years ago
Needs Answer

Using GeoGebra version 6.0.363 on Windows10, I can select a range of objects in the Algebra view by clicking the one at one end of the range and then Shift+Click on another. All objects in between are selected as expected, however I can't select multiple objects unless they are listed consecutively. For example, given points A, B, C and D, I am not able to select A, then Ctrl+click on C to select both A and C. Similarly, I should be able to click on A, then Shift+Click on D to select them all, then Ctrl+Click on B to deselect it, leaving only A, C and D selected. I can select multiple objects with Ctrl+Click in the 2D view. It's only in the Algebra view where it doesn't seem to be working with Ctrl+Click.

I found that Ctrl+Click does partially work as expected in the Algebra view, but only if I click near (but not on) the dot that hides/shows the object, but it still does not work as expected if I Ctrl+Click on the Description of the object (e.g. A = (1,2) or f : Segment[A,B]). Shift+Click works fine when clicking on the text and does not require me to click near the show/hide dot.

Windows Classic Version 5.0.366 works correctly. I'm only seeing the problem in version 6.0.363 with the new UI.

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