Ctrl+shift-t not working and libjavagiac.jnilib consultation

pablgonz shared this question 8 years ago

The abbreviated command to export "pstricks" does not work in

and two consultation (for desktop version)

1. What is the function of the file 'libjavagiac.jnilib' in the portable version of windows? (this file is for mac and not present in linux portable version). in "make-vanilla-jars" out the following lines:

    zip javagiac-win32.jar javagiac.dll

    zip javagiac-win64.jar javagiac64.dll

    zip javagiac-linux32.jar libjavagiac.so

    zip javagiac-linux64.jar libjavagiac64.so

    zip javagiac-mac.jar libjavagiac.jnilib

but the file javagiac-win32.jar and javagiac-win64.jar are not present (javagiac.dll yes)

2. For versions of Mac, there is "no java", is it possible to create a windows / linux? this reduces the size of the downloaded file.

And the image for "no3d" its diferent (does not say geogebra 5 beta release) and some menu icons are no longer images (such as the forum for example).


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Thanks for reporting the problems!

* The jnilib file is Mac specific, it is a bug that it's there in the Windows portable.

* There will be a "noJava" version for Linux in 4.4 (see 4.3.x.x) but with the name GeoGebra-Linux-Installer*.

* The no3d versions are containing everything from 5.0 except the 3D support. This is just a test version of 5.0 so it's OK not to have some menu icons and a different splash logo.

We'll check the other problems soon.

Thanks, Zoltan


<Ctrl><Shift>T should work now, thanks!


Thank you very much for your great work

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