CSolve in ggb and uploaded of regluar 17 sided polygon

ccambre shared this problem 4 years ago


I'm working on a GGbook on regular polygons and the construction of a 17 sided polygon is a well known issue. One can illustrate the solutions in CAS with the command CSolve (COplossen in dutch). In ggb I can create the list of points as solutions of the equation, but it doens't worke once uploaded. https://ggbm.at/mbEuPZ4C

Is there an overflow, a bug, or can I tackle the problem in another way?

Of course I can create directly the polygon with the command polygon[], but the point is of course that there's an algebraic solution to.


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I checked how GeoGebra deals with other equations linked with regular polygons and I noticed with much regret that the level of equations GG can handle online is very far beyond that of the offline version. The 2nd degree solution is OK, but even the equation of 4th degree can't be solved, where the offline version has got no problem with the equation of 16th degree.

I can insert the offline solution as LaTeX text in the applet, but it would be much nicier to show the CAS-solution itself online as well.



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