Cross product fails when edit

Bertil Englund shared this problem 9 months ago

When edit a definition (like v=u2 ⊗ d ) in algebra something goes wrong.

the definition works but when edit it in algebra for any reason, it become v=u2 * ⊗ * d where * problably are some (obsolete?) spaces?

settings seems to show the correct definition u2 ⊗ d but it still will not work anymore.

trying to reenter the definition does not work (tried both u2⊗d or cross(u2,d) ), it still goes blank in algebra and show "-> undefined" ( sometimes the algebra show the correct definition but it still state "-> undefined" and the vector will not show i 3d veiew anymore

it seems the only way to fix it is to delete the item and retype it, making all depended object to fail also.

In this case changing the name of vector #3 to cc will make it undefines and the vector will not show anymore.

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Thanks, fixed for next release (v445)


Great, and Thank you for a great application.

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