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Kristy shared this question 3 years ago

I made some polygons using the sequence function

Sequence(Polygon((2k, 0), (2k + 1, 0), (2k + 1, 10), (2k, 10)), k, 0, Tens - 1)

while Tens is a integer slider.

When Tens=1, only one polygon will show (i.e. the leftmost one).

The picture below shows Tens=6


Actually I would like to divide each polygon into 10 smaller pieces (just to add lines like the leftmost polygon)

I used sequence command to create those lines.

Sequence(Segment((0, k), 1), k, 1, 9)

but this command only apply to the leftmost polygon.

Therefore, I would like to ask how should I do in order to create the segments for the other polygons?

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Sequences can be nested.

Take your first sequence without the expression for the polygon.

  • Sequence(.......................................................................... , k, 0, Tens - 1)

and replace the polygon-expression with your second sequence.

But this so that there are different indexes for both sequences (i and k).

Use these two indexes for the segment command.

  • Sequence(Sequence(Segment((2k, i), 1), i, 1, 9), k, 0, Tens - 1)


Note: The above syntax for the segment does not work in GGB5.0

The following syntax would probably be better

  • Sequence(Sequence(Segment((2k, i), (2k + 1, i)), i, 1, 9), k, 0, Tens - 1)



Create squares instead of segments in the nested sequence (and delete your first sequence).



It is easier for me (and also for you) if you only use the object names instead of the written commands and attach the current status of your application as a GGB file.


with squares, expanded

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