crazy output from equation -- bug?

user42_0 shared this question 2 years ago

Yesterday I tried some equations on the online version of geogebra ( In the attached photo you can see that 0.5 float: First I wrote it in the German version 0,5 but It gave me no output. Then I tried the English version although my language was set to German, it took some seconds and gave me that crazy output. Later I did the 0.5 version first and nothing strange happend there was just that normal bell curve. So where does that output come from? Is it a bug? I tried Google's search by photo but it gave me no fitting result..

Thanks in advance!

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Probablemente en algún momento GG interpretó que la función era una función compleja como en

por ejemplo type 2^(i (0.5-x))

plot the function

then edit and substitute i by x

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