Couldn't open my own sheets

Fedyarer shared this problem 1 year ago

When I save some constructions in online and try to open them — I couldn't, because when I open the page with them they are just not shown.


Like this way. I try to save different simple object (for example this is just a qudrilateral which I just draw exactly after the opening online version of geogebra and click save. here is a link which it gives but I"m also unable to open it again in geogebra applet in online or in my desktop Geogebra 6 Classic.

What is a problem and how to solve it? One week ago all constructions are saved correctly and can be opened any way. Now I try Safari and Chrome on mac, Yandex Browser (Chrome like) in Win, try official application and no one of them can open it. In any way how I create it (online or in desktop application)

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It doesn't open for me too, Win 10, Firefox.

Let's see what the Materials People say ;)

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