cos isn't always the same ratio with the same degrees

msohns28 shared this problem 4 years ago
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I just wanted to calculate: cos(89.853) (rounded to 10 dez. , webversion) the result was -0.3122963958 that doesn't make sense. Then I openened geogebra in a new Tab and i got the right result. But that isn't acceptable that geogebra calculates wrong sometimes that's at least the third time something like that happened.

Files: ggb.PNG

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If you want to evaluate anything related to an angle in degrees, please use the degrees symbol ° to define it, as you normally do on paper. An angle without the degree symbol is evaluated as an angle measured in radians.

Anyway, I see a strange behaviour that needs to be investigated further. I've entered your definition and had the expected result (-0.31...), because the angle was meant in radians.

Pasting the same definition in the following empty row adds automatically the degree symbol to the angle. This is the thing that imho needs to be checked.

I'm attaching the file (created in v.6 classic Web)


Thank you that was the issue but I am wondering why it didn't add the degree symbol automatically as usual. Maybe I deleted it.

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